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While many worldwide corporates consider troublemaking startups as a threat, some see them as a chance. As such, there’s a rising tendency of corporates opting to partner with them in some form. Collaboration between startups and large corporations is progressively spoken about as mindsets have changed and possible synergies and mutual assistances are gaining superior acknowledgement.

We Collaborate with good ideas related to CBD. Our primary goal is to make a collaboration space for the exchange of advanced ideas and stage for establishing potential partnerships to stimulate the sustainable handling of the world’s valuable resources.

For starters, a contextual organizational lens is vital to defining success/failure of a corporate – ideas collaboration. To put it simply, failure is the absence of a sustenance model, or the inability to meet the defined goals. While not all programs are designed for similar outcomes, neither are all programs designed for the real intended outcomes, in context to organizational goals and readiness. This, therefore, sets up the program for failure.

A customized engagement, for instance, ensures that different aspects such as business vision, growth strategy, future roadmap, etc., of both the corporate and the start-up are catered to, to drive meaningful business results, thereby refining the odds of success for both us and our partner – and hence, for the program.